Panache is a different kind of studio. We think and make games differently. Otherwise we are located in the heart of Montreal, on Saint-Laurent Boulevard with a gorgeous view of Mount Royal.
Don't be fooled by appearances, we take things very seriously at Panache. At least when it comes to game development. We may not have the biggest clan, but we think big: being bold and innovating is what pushes us! Our specialty? Historical games in 3rd person view for consoles and PC. The recipe applied? Take a good handful of beautiful and kind people (young and "not so young", add talent, sprinkle with audacity and a (big) touch of humor. Mix everything well and you get a beautiful poutine of game creation.

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Patrice Désilets Cofounder and Creative Director

Proud father of two teenagers who allow me to see the world through their eyes. I am a man of habit : a good Capitaine Sandwich on Mondays and Fridays, playing CIV6 while eating my lunch, floor hockey on Wednesday nights… I love theater but hate shark bites, especially when it ruins my vacation in the sun.

Cofounder and Creative Director Patrice Désilets
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Jean-François Boivin Cofounder and Executive Producer

Outside of work and gaming, I particularly enjoy playing golf (which I love but I’m not especially good at), discovering new recipes and wines and catching up on my backlog of books. Humour and laughter are of immense importance in my life. I love dogs and cats and muscle cars. Deathly afraid of horses. My old band once sold an album to some dude in Greece so you can say I’m also an internationally recognized guitarist and singer.

Cofounder and Executive Producer Jean-François Boivin
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Ludovic Pinard Senior Character Modeler

I’m passionate about creating characters, whether through art or technology. I love board games, video games, movies, beer and dinners with friends where you can combine all that. Karate completes the picture when my old back allows it.

Senior Character Modeler Ludovic Pinard
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Marc-André Deblois Game Systems Director

Known for my innumerable “maderies”, I am an inexhaustible source of absurd sentences and unintentionally modified expressions that I take out of my personal “Pandora’s basket”. My Frenglish sentences and my pleonasms “never fall into the cracks of the carpet ” and make the happiness of my entourage who compile them meticulously.”

Game Systems Director Marc-André Deblois
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Pierre Gauthier Senior Programmer

Generous by nature and always available. I like to laugh a lot even if I am rather reserved with new acquaintances. I particularly like video games, good food (both cooking and eating it!), outdoor activities such as hiking and camping as well as board games.

Senior Programmer Pierre Gauthier
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Carl Descoteaux Senior Animator

Lover of life who has a permanent smile, you will hear me laugh for miles around! Since I’m not able to dance like in my younger years I spend my free time with my family or playing video games (survival, simulation, crafting). I like to observe, learn and imagine different scenarios as my work testifies. My dream: to buy a backhoe to redo my yard!

Senior Animator Carl Descoteaux
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Sarah Petri Game Designer

Word lover, I often have fun inventing and distorting them, which can sometimes disturb my colleagues. Gamer, cinephile and podophobe (to the delight of those around me, who enjoy teasing me with great shots of foot photos), I spend most of my time eating or thinking about doing so.

Game Designer Sarah Petri
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Etienne Beaulieu Director of User Experience

I have a super power: storing all kinds of useless information! Did you know that a lobster’s stomach has teeth? I take too many photos of my pets and relax with gaming after a day of gamedev. Oh and I studied hard at university so I can photoshop my co-workers very quickly.

Director of User Experience Etienne Beaulieu
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Eric Thiffeault Senior Programmer

Passionate about hunting, I love antlers! You’re very likely to come across me playing pinball.

Senior Programmer Eric Thiffeault
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Inés Setbel 3D Artist

I’m not a complicated person: I like to eat, drink and move!
My goal in my free time? Grow my plants as much as my hair.

3D Artist Inés Setbel
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Dominic Bélanger Senior VFX Artist

I am a very manual person who likes to tinker with stuff to make everyday life easier. Composer and performer, music is also a big part of my life.

Senior VFX Artist Dominic Bélanger
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Christine Olsen Senior Dev QA

Biker, florist, creating miniatures, passionate about underwater biology, tangible art and video games. That’s it.

Senior Dev QA Christine Olsen