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Thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries is in our team’s DNA

Our team

Patrice Désilets

Cofounder and Creative Director

With a background in film and literature, Patrice Désilets' creative vision revolutionized game design with the original Assassin's Creed. 2009 brought the Assassin's Creed II sequel and in 2010, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Désilets' other credits include Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, as well as many others. Another AAA original IP, 1666: Amsterdam, was being developed in 2013. Patrice is inspired by history and the stories they tell, and all that is related to innovation, beauty and design.

Jean-François Boivin

Cofounder and Producer

With a background in Project Management, JF has been in the gaming world for over a decade managing teams ranging in size of 30 to over 300, across multiple studios on different continents. His credits include titles from the Star Wars and Splinter Cell franchises but is mostly known for his production work on the Assassin's Creed franchise. In a previous life, JF produced custom-based web applications for Fortune 500 companies as well as software security for Discreet Logic. He enjoys original games with deep narrative, fine wines, muscle cars and the Habs.


Alex Drouin

Animation Director

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Alexandre Morin

Senior Level Designer

Cedric Sentenac


Daniel Goupil

Senior Technical Artist

Dan St-Jean

QA Specialist

Eric Houde

Senior Level Artist

Etienne Beaulieu

Senior UI/UX Designer

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Frederic Laporte

Development Director

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Gabriel Parent


Guillaume Le Bris

Senior Technical Level Designer

Jany Villeneuve

3D Artist

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Jean-François Mailloux

Marketing & Communications Director

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Jean-François Morin

Camera Designer

Louis Gendron


Luc Tremblay

Senior Behaviour Programmer

Marçal Argudo Grau

Senior Programmer

Marc-André De Blois

Senior Game Designer

Marc-André Jolin


Marc-Antoine Desroches

Senior Programmer

Marianne Lupien

Content Producer

Nicolas Cantin

Art Director

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Nicolas Novali

Senior Level Artist

Patrick Saucerotte

Technical Animation Director

Philippe Debay

Senior Game Designer & Scriptwriter

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Rafik Guertin Bentaieb


Sacha Viltofsky

Technology Director

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Sarah Petri

QA Specialist

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Simon Lacoste

Senior Character Modeler

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The Chinh Ngo

Art Director

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Vincent Picard