Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

1 Million Times Thank You

18 May 2021


There are those moments that mark important milestones in the life of a video game studio. The first game released, the first responses from the public, watching you discover our creation … In recent years we have had the chance to experience all of them with great pride.

We initially saw Ancestors as a smaller project, but we carried it out with the ambition to push the limits of what an open world game could be. Our desire was to create a unique experience. This game, which more than a million of you have had in hand, is the result of a somewhat crazy idea to revive the first steps of humanity. Knowing that such an experiment, carried out by a team of 35 people, was played by so many people is extraordinary.

We would like to thank the over one million people who took the time to explore the African jungle of our ancestors 10 million years ago. Accompanied by this newsletter, we have prepared a little video surprise for you that we leave to you to discover below.